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California Law Revision Commission

-- Last revised 10/24/23 --

Study Number Tables

Topics studied by the Commission are categorized and filed using the following letter system, which has been used for nearly 20 years. The study number appears in the upper left corner of memoranda. Minutes of Commission meetings are organized in the order of study numbers for ease of reference. These numbers are used in the Commission's filing system and thus include many items that have been completed or that may not be studied or result in a recommendation to the Legislature.

For the status of currently active studies, see Active Studies.

A - Arbitration
B - Business Law
C - Contracts Law
D - Debtor-Creditor Relations
E - Environmental Law
Em - Eminent Domain
F - Family and Juvenile Law
G - Government
H - Property
I - Civil Rights
J - Judiciary and Civil Procedure
K - Evidence
L - Estate Planning, Probate, and Trusts
M - Criminal Law
N - Administrative Law
R - Resources
T - Technical and Minor Substantive Corrections
U - Uniform Acts Generally
X - Emergency-Related Reforms

For related information on memorandas, see the online Memorandum Catalog files. You can search by a specific memo number, study number, or memo title.

For the legislative resolution description of subjects currently authorized, see Topics Authorized for Study.

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A -- Arbitration

A-100 Contractual Arbitration Improvements from Other Jurisdictions
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B -- Business Law

B-100 Modification of Contracts
B-200 Liquidated Damages [former Study 72]
B-300 Parol Evidence Rule [former Study 79]
B-400 Financial Privacy
B-500 Unincorporated Associations
B-501 Uniform Unincorporated Nonprofit Association Act
B-502 Unincorporated Association Governance
B-503 Liability of Directors, Officers, and Members of Unincorporated Association
B-600 Corporations
B-601 Business Judgment Rule
B-602 Derivative Actions
B-700 Unfair Competition
B-750 Antitrust Law
B-800 Public Utility Deregulation
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C -- Contract Law

C-100 Electronic Contracts
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D -- Debtor-Creditor Relations

D-100 Repossession of Property [includes Claim and Delivery]
D-200 Attachment [former Study 39.160]
D-300 Enforcement of Judgments [former Study 39.120, 39.200-39.260]
D-301 Creditors' Remedies (Follow Up Legislation)
D-302 Creditors' Remedies (Follow Up Legislation 1984)
D-303 Creditors' Remedies (Follow Up Legislation 1985)
D-310 Homesteads (Bankruptcy -- Pladson Case)
D-312 Liability of Marital Property for Debts
D-313 Married Women as Sole Traders
D-316 Effect of Death of Joint Tenant
D-320 Enforcement of Claims and Judgments Against Public Entities
D-325 Bonds and Undertakings
D-326 Bond and Undertakings (Follow Up Legislation 1984)
D-327 Limitations on Personal Sureties
D-330 Revision of Attachment Law
D-331 Attachment Where Claim Is Partially Secured
D-350 Exemptions
D-351 Decennial Review of Exemptions from Enforcement of Money Judgments 1994
D-352 Homestead Exemption 1995
D-353 Retirement Account Exemption 1995
D-354 Homestead Issues
D-355 Second Decennial Review of Exemptions from Enforcement of Money Judgments
D-356 Third Decennial Review of Exemptions from Enforcement of Money Judgments
D-400 Assignment for Benefit of Creditors [former Study 39.270]
D-500 Confession of Judgment Procedures
D-501 Confession of Judgment in Support and Paternity Cases
D-550 Tax Liens
D-600 Default Judgment Procedures
D-700 Procedures Under Private Power of Sale
D-800 Possessory and Nonpossessory Liens
D-801 Interfamily Transfers as Fraudulent Conveyances
D-802 Uniform Fraudulent Transfers Act
D-900 Wage Garnishment Procedure
D-901 Wage Garnishment Withholding Period
D-1000 1988 Creditors' Remedies Matters
D-1001 1991-92 Creditors' Remedies Matters
D-1002 1994 Creditors' Remedies Matters
D-1003 2001 Creditors' Remedies Matters
D-1100 Bankruptcy Code Chapter 9 Issues
D-1200 Recognition of Tribal and Foreign Court Money Judgements
D-1300 Homestead Exemption
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E -- Environmental Law

E-100 Statute Consolidation -- Generally
E-200 Toxic Substance Control Recodification
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Em -- Eminent Domain [Former E]

Em-100 Ad Valorem Taxes [former Study 36.56]
Em-200 Assessment Liens
Em-300 Wisconsin Eminent Domain Revision
Em-400 Eminent Domain Law
Em-450 Eminent Domain Law Update
Em-451 Condemnation by Privately-Owned Public Utility
Em-452 Date of Valuation
Em-453 Valuation Evidence
Em-454 Compensation for Loss of Goodwill
Em-455 Attorney Fees in Eminent Domain Cases
Em-456 Withdrawal of Prejudgment Deposit
Em-457 Offset of Benefits in Partial Taking
Em-458 Early Disclosure of Valuation Data and Resolution of Issues
Em-459 Prejudgment Deposit Appraisal
Em-550 Exhaustion of Administrative Remedies in Inverse Condemnation
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F -- Family and Juvenile Law

F-101 Uniform Veterans' Guardianship Act
F-200 Appeal of Custody Order
F-300 Custody of Children [former Study 30.100]
F-400 Adoption [former Study 30.200]
F-401 Emancipated Minors
F-500 Freedom from Parental Custody and Control [former Study 30.400]
F-521 Community Property in Joint Tenancy Form
F-521.1 Community Property in Joint Tenancy Form: Kasner Study
F-600 Community Property
F-601 Division of Joint Tenancy and Tenancy in Common Property at Dissolution of Marriage
F-602 Division upon Dissolution of Marriage of Property Held in Joint Tenancy Form (Retroactive Application of Statute)
F-603 Retroactive Application of Property Division Legislation
F-604 Developments in Retroactivity
F-610 Increased Earning Capacity
F-611 Goodwill
F-620 Federal Military and Other Federal Pensions
F-630 Prenuptial Agreements
F-631 Marital Agreements
F-632 Reimbursement for Educational Expenses
F-633 Division of Pensions
F-634 Support
F-640 Title and Gift Presumptions and Transmutations
F-641 Limitations on Disposition of Community Property
F-642 Combined Separate and Community Property
F-650 Liability of Step Parent for Child Support
F-660 Awarding Family Home to Spouse Having Custody of Minor Children
F-661 Continuation of Support Obligation After Death of Support Obligor
F-662 Special Appearance in Family Law Proceedings
F-670 Attorney's Fees in Family Law Proceedings
F-671 Quasi-Community Property (Tax Implications)
F-672 Personal Injury Damages as Community or Separate Property
F-910 Effect of Dissolution of Marriage on Nonprobate Transfers [see L-910]
F-911 Changes in Estate Plan During Marital Dissolution
F-1000 Family Code Generally: 1991-92 (Pre-AB 2650)
F-1001 Family Code Generally: 1992-93 (Post AB 2650)
F-1002 Family Code Generally: 1994
F-1010 Family Code: Preliminary Provisions and Definitions
F-1020 Family Code: Marriage
F-1030 Family Code: Rights and Obligations During Marriage
F-1040 Family Code: Conciliation Proceedings
F-1050 Family Code: Nullity, Dissolution, and Legal Separation
F-1080 Family Code: Division of Property
F-1090 Family Code: Custody of Children
F-1100 Family Code: Support
F-1100.1 Child Support
F-1100.10 General Provisions
F-1100.11 Duty of Parent To Support Adult Child
F-1100.2 Spousal Support
F-1100.3 Support of Parent
F-1100.30 Duty of Adult Child To Support Parent
F-1100.4 Family Support
F-1100.5 Enforcement of Support
F-1100.51 Enforcement by District Attorneys
F-1110 Family Code: General Procedural Provisions
F-1120 Family Code: Prevention of Domestic Violence
F-1130 Family Code: Juvenile Court Law
F-1140 Family Code: Minors
F-1150 Family Code: Adoption
F-1160 Family Code: Pilot Projects
F-1170 Family Code: Implementation of 1992 Family Law Legislation
F-1180 Family Code: Minor Substantive & Technical Revisions (including Sunsets)
F-1190 Family Code: Conforming Revisions
F-1200 Family Code: Attorney's Fees
F-1300 Family Code: Enforcement of Judgments
F-1301 Enforcement of Money Judgment Under Family Code
F-3050 Donative Transfers of Community Property (Kasner Study)
F-3050.1 Problems with Nonprobate Transfer Legislation
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G -- Government

G-100 Notice of Rejection of Late Claims
G-200 Charter Schools and the Government Claims Act
G-300 Government Access to Customer Information from Communications Service Providers
G-301 Government Interruption of Communication Services
G-400 California Public Records Act Clean-Up
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H -- Property

H-100 Lease Law
H-109 Landlord-Tenant Terminology
H-110 Landlord-Tenant
H-111 Assignment and Sublease
H-112 Use Restrictions
H-113 Reconsideration of Kendall Legislation
H-200 Partition Procedure
H-250 Revision of Real Property Law
H-300 Possibilities of Reverter and Powers of Termination [former Study 85]
H-400 Marketable Title Act [former Study 86]
H-401 Ancient Mortgages and Deeds of Trust
H-402 Dormant Mineral Rights
H-403 Unexercised Options
H-404 Land Sale Contracts: Rights of Entry
H-405 Possibilities of Reverter
H-406 Abandoned Easements
H-407 Obsolete Restrictions
H-408 Uniform Dormant Mineral Interests Act
H-409 Executory Interests
H-450 Eminent Domain Law Update
H-451 Condemnation by Privately-Owned Public Utility
H-452 Date of Valuation
H-453 Valuation Evidence
H-454 Compensation for Loss of Goodwill
H-455 Attorney Fees in Eminent Domain Cases
H-456 Withdrawal of Prejudgment Deposit
H-457 Offset of Benefits in Partial Taking
H-458 Early Disclosure of Valuation Data and Resolution of Issues
H-500 Quiet Title Actions
H-501 Quieting Title to Personal Property
H-510 Joint Tenancy; Rights Among Cotenants; Joint Tenancy & Community Property
H-520 Statute of Limitations to Enforce Land Use Restriction
H-550 Exhaustion of Administrative Remedies in Inverse Condemnation
H-600 Civil Code § 1464
H-601 Recording Severance of Joint Tenancy
H-602 Severance of Personal Property Joint Tenancy
H-603 Severance of Joint Tenancy by Dissolution of Marriage [see now L-910]
H-700 Abandonment and Vacation of Public Streets and Highways
H-750 Community Redevelopment Law Cleanup
H-800 Improvement Acts
H-820 Mechanic's Lien Law
H-821 Mechanic's Lien Law
H-850 Common Interest Development Law
H-851 Nonjudicial Dispute Resolution Under CID Law
H-852 Uniform Common Interest Ownership Act
H-853 State Oversight of Common Interest Developments
H-854 Common Interest Development CC&Rs and Local Regulation
H-855 Statutory Clarification and Simplification of CID Law
H-856 Commercial and Industrial Common Interest Developments
H-857 CID-Small Associations
H-858 CID-Nonresidential Subdivisions
H-859 CID-Mechanics Liens and Common Area
H-900 Lis Pendens
H-910 Effect of Dissolution of Marriage on Nonprobate Transfers [see L-910]
H-911 Changes in Estate Plan During Marital Dissolution
H-1000 Procedures Under Private Power of Sale Under Trust Deed or Mortgage
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I -- Civil Rights

I-100 Equal Rights Amendment
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J -- Judiciary and Civil Procedure

J-2.01 Conflicts of Jurisdiction Model Act
J-3.01 Recordation of Translated Documents
J-101 Security for Costs
J-102 Motions (Consolidated Motion To Dismiss)
J-103 Oral Argument in Civil Procedure
J-110 Tolling Statutes of Limitation
J-111 Statute of Limitations for Legal Malpractice
J-200 Prejudgment Interest [former 80]
J-300 Class Actions [Removed in 1999] [former 82]
J-400 Offers of Compromise [former 83]
J-500 Discovery [former 84]
J-501 Discovery After Judicial Arbitration
J-502 Response to Demand for Production of Documents in Discovery
J-503 Statutory Clarification and Minor Substantive Improvements to Civil Discovery
J-505 Discovery Improvements from Other Jurisdictions
J-506 Civil Discovery Improvements
J-600 Dismissal for Lack of Prosecution
J-650 Court Congestion
J-700 Mediation
J-800 Injunctions
J-801 OTC's and TRO's
J-900 Shifting Attorneys Fees Between Litigants
J-901 Award of Costs and Attorney Fees to Prevailing Party in Contract Action
J-1000 Trial Court Unification
J-1010 TCU: General Issues
J-1020 TCU: Article 6, § 1. Judicial Power
J-1030 TCU: Article 6, § 4. District Court
J-1040 TCU: Article 6, § 6. Judicial Council
J-1050 TCU: Article 6, § 10. Original Jurisdiction
J-1060 TCU: Article 6, § 11. Appellate Jurisdiction
J-1070 TCU: Article 6, § 15. Qualifications of Judges
J-1080 TCU: Article 6, § 16. Election of Judges
J-1090 TCU: Article 6, § 16.5. Transitional Provisions
J-1100 TCU: Article 6, § 19. Compensation of Judges
J-1110 TCU: Article 6, § 20. Retirement
J-1120 TCU: Article 6, § 22. Commissioners
J-1130 TCU: Article 1, § 16. Trial by Jury
J-1140 TCU: Miscellaneous Issues
J-1150 TCU: Article 5, § 13. Authority of Attorney General
J-1200 TCU: Unification by Attrition
J-1300 TCU: Unification by County Option
J-1301 TCU: Followup Legislation
J-1302 TCU: Appointment of Receiver
J-1303 TCU: Jurisdictional Classification of Good Faith Improver Claim
J-1304 TCU: Stay of Mechanic's Lien Foreclosure Pending Arbitration
J-1305 TCU: Penal Code Cleanup
J-1306 TCU: Cases in which Court Reporter Is Required
J-1307 TCU: Law Library Board in Unified Court
J-1308 TCU: Trout Affidavit
J-1309 TCU: Expired Pilot Programs
J-1310 TCU: Catalog of Cases within Jurisdiction of Court of Appeal on June 30, 1995
J-1311 TCU: Grand Jury Issues
J-1312 TCU: Reclassification of Civil Cases
J-1313 TCU: Waiver of Jury Trial
J-1314 TCU: Publication of Legal Notice
J-1320 TCU: Review of Civil Procedures
J-1330 TCU: Review of Criminal Procedures
J-1400 TCR: Statutes Made Obsolete by Trial Court Restructuring
J-1401 TCR: Statutes Made Obsolete by Trial Court Restructuring: Part 2
J-1402 TCR: Statutes Made Obsolete by Trial Court Restructuring: Part 3
J-1403 TCR: Statutes Made Obsolete by Trial Court Restructuring: Part 4
J-1404 TCR: Statutes Made Obsolete by Trial Court Restructuring: Part 5
J-1405 TCR: Statutes Made Obsolete by Trial Court Restructuring: Part 6
J-1406 TCR: Statutes Made Obsolete by Trial Court Restructuring: Part 7
J-1450 TCR: Statutes Made Obsolete by Trial Court Restructuring: Appellate Jurisdiction of Bail Forfeiture
J-1451 TCR: Rights and Responsibilities of the County as Compared to the Superior Court
J-1452 TCR: Writ Jurisdiction in a Small Claims Case
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K -- Evidence

K-100 Evidence of Market Value [former Study 63.70]
K-200 Comparison with Federal Rules [former Study 63.100]
K-200 Comparison with Federal Rules: Hearsay Rule and Its Exceptions
K-200 Comparison with Federal Rules: Role of Judge and Jury
K-300 Psychotherapist-Patient Privilege
K-350 Attorney-Client Privilege After Client's Death
K-400 Mediation Privilege
K-401 Mediation Privilege Issues
K-402 Relationship Between Mediation Confidentiality and Attorney Malpractice and Other Misconduct
K-410 Confidentiality of Settlement Negotiations
K-500 Admissibility of Electronic Documents
K-501 Best Evidence Rule
K-510 Discovery of Electronic Evidence
K-600 Miscellaneous Hearsay Exceptions
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L-10.01 Joint Tenancy Generally
L-100 Escheat; Unclaimed Property [former Study 26]
L-200 Powers of Appointment [see 3002]
L-300 Probate Homesteads
L-400 Rights and Disabilities of Minors and Incompetent Persons
L-401 Payments to Minors
L-401.10 Payments of WCAB Awards to Minors
L-401.20 Payment of Federal Benefits
L-500 Durable Powers of Attorney [see 3044]
L-502 Dying and Termination of Life Sustaining Procedures
L-521.1 Community Property in Joint Tenancy Form
L-600 Probate Code (Generally)
L-600 Estates and Trusts Code (Form of Comments)
L-601 Nonprobate Transfers: Multiple-Party Accounts [see 1060]
L-602 Intestate Succession
L-603 Wills
L-604 Family Protection (includes Pretermission)
L-605 Rules of Construction
L-605 Distribution Under a Will or Trust
L-606 Contracts Concerning Succession and Provisions Relating to Effect of Death
L-607 General Provisions
L-608 Custody and Deposit of Wills
L-609 International Wills
L-610 Absentees
L-611 Missing Persons
L-612 Simultaneous Death
L-613 Testamentary Additions to Trust; Life Insurance and Other Trusts
L-614 Bequests to Minors
L-615 Escheat
L-616 Definitions [now 1045]
L-617 Quasi-Community Property
L-618 Uniform Transfers to Minors Act
L-619 Statutory Will
L-620 Uniform Statutory Will Act
L-621 Confidential Relationship Doctrine
L-622 Donative Transfer Restrictions
L-623 Presumptively Disqualified Fiduciary
L-625 Wills and Intestate Succession: Disclaimers
L-626 Wills and Intestate Succession (Follow Up Legislation 1984)
L-627 Notice in Limited Conservatorship Proceeding
L-628 Order Dispensing with Accounts of Guardian or Conservator
L-629 Item v. Aggregate Theory of Community Property
L-630 Wills and Intestate Succession (Follow Up Legislation 1985)
L-635 Anti-lapse statute [now 3005]
L-636 No Contest Clause
L-637 Revision of No Contest Clause Statute
L-639 Uniform Trust Act
L-640 Trusts
L-640.05 Recordation of Statement of Trust
L-640.06 Recordation of Real Property Trust
L-640.10 Living Trusts: State Bar Truth Squad
L-641 Creditor's Right to Reach Payments from Trust
L-642 Application of Trust Law to Excluded Trusts
L-643 Damages for Breach of Trust
L-644 Recognition of Trustees' Powers
L-645 Jurisdiction of Superior Court in Trust Matters
L-646 Trustees' Voting Requirement for Securities
L-647 Trusts for Pets
L-648 Uniform Prudent Investor Act
L-649 Uniform Principal and Income Act
L-650 Simplifying Requirements for Execution of Will
L-651 Recording Affidavit of Death
L-652 Nonprobate Transfers
L-653 Notice of Will
L-654 Ancestral Property Doctrine [now 3007]
L-655 Probate Referees
L-656 Bond for Special Administrator
L-657 Procedure for Objecting to Appraisement of Estate Property
L-658 Transfer of Real Property of Small Value
L-659 Parent-Child Relationship
L-659.01 Cleanup of Probate Code § 6408
L-659.02 Inheritance Involving Whole and Half Blood Siblings
L-660 Representation (Probate Code § 240)
L-700 Guardianship-Conservatorship
L-701 Support to Conservatee from Community Property
L-702 Procedure for Appointment of Successor Conservator
L-703 Consent to Health Care
L-704 Statutory Forms for Durable Power of Attorney [see also 3019]
L-705 Revision of Durable Power of Attorney for Health Care Statute
L-706 Temporary Guardians and Conservators
L-707 Qualifications of Conservator
L-708 Special Needs Trust [see also 3053]
L-750 Uniform Adult Guardianship and Protective Proceedings Jurisdiction Act
L-800 Probate Administration: Probate Code (Abatement; Distribution of Interest and Income) [see also 1039.01]
L-810 Administration Without Court Supervision
L-811 Form for Advice of Proposed Action
L-812 Distribution Without Court Approval under Independent Administration
L-825 Succession Without Administration
L-826 Distribution of Decedent's Estate Without Administration
L-827 Waiver of Probate Accounting
L-828 Transfer Without Probate of Certain Property Registered by State
L-829 Disposition of Retirement Plan Benefits Without Administration
L-830 Probate Code (Proration of Estate Taxes)
L-831 Recording of Affidavit Transferring Evidence of Debt Secured by Lien on Real Property
L-900 Notaries Public
L-910 Effect of Dissolution of Marriage on Nonprobate Transfers
L-911 Changes in Estate Plan During Marital Dissolution
L-930 Probate Code (Guardian Ad Litem)
L-940 Substitution and Delegation of Powers of Fiduciaries
L-950 Effect of Homicide [now 3016]
L-1000 Probate Code (Jurisdiction; Probate of Wills; Contest of Wills)
L-1010 Probate Code (Opening Estate Administration)
L-1020 Probate Code (Powers and Duties of Executors and Administrators) (Standard of Care of Personal Representative) (Probate Code § 854) [superseded by 1037]
L-1024 Probate Code (Interest and Income Accruing During Administration)
L-1025 Probate Code (Presentation of Claims)
L-1025.1 Creditor Claim Problems
L-1026 Probate Code (Payment of Claims and Demands)
L-1027 Probate Code (Accountings)
L-1028 Probate Code (Independent Administration)
L-1029 Probate Code (Distribution and Discharge; Marital Deduction Gifts)
L-1030 Probate Code (Collection or Transfer of Small Estate Without Administration) (Distribution Without Administration)
L-1031 Probate Code (Passage of Property to Surviving Spouse Without Administration
L-1032 Probate Code (Small Estate Set-Aside)
L-1033 Probate Code (Establishing Identity of Heirs)
L-1033.01 Heirship Proceeding Under Former §§ 1190-1192
L-1034 Probate Code (Public Administrators)
L-1035 Probate Code (Administration of Estates of Missing Persons Presumed Dead)
L-1036 Probate Code (Attorneys' Fees)
L-1037 Probate Code (Estate Management)
L-1037.5 Probate Sales of Estate Property
L-1038 Probate Code (Abatement)
L-1039 Probate Code (Distribution of Income)
L-1039.01 Problems with Interest and Income Statute
L-1040 Probate Code (Public Administrators)
L-1041 Probate Code (Bond of Personal Representative)
L-1045 Probate Code (Definitions)
L-1046 Probate Code (Nondomiciliary Decedents)
L-1047 Probate Code (Appeals)
L-1048 Probate Code (Rules of Procedure)
L-1049 Probate Code (Orders)
L-1050 Probate Code (Guardianship-Conservatorship)
L-1055 Probate Code (Fees of Personal Representative)
L-1058 Probate Code (Filing Fees)
L-1060 Multiple Party Accounts
L-1060.01 Application of Multiple Party Accounts to Mutual Funds
L-1061 Brokers' Commissions
L-1062 Priority for Appointment as Administrator
L-1063 Uniform Multiple-Person Accounts Law
L-1100 New Probate Code Suggestions
L-2000 Probate Code (Operative Date)
L-2005 Probate Code (Conforming Revisions)
L-2006 Probate Code (Miscellaneous Provisions of Division 3)
L-2007 Probate Code (Conforming Changes for Division 3)
L-2008 Probate Code (1988 Urgency Bill)
L-2009 Probate Code (1988 Probate Legislation)
L-2010 Probate Code (1989 Probate Cleanup Bill)
L-3000 Statutory 630 Affidavit Form
L-3001 Uniform Transfers to Minors Act Revisions
L-3002 Relocation of Powers of Appointment Statute [see 200]
L-3003 Claims Procedure for Trusts
L-3004 Rights of Estranged Spouse
L-3005 Antilapse Statute and Construction of Instruments [see 605]
L-3006 Trustee's Use of § 650 Procedure
L-3007 Ancestral Property Doctrine
L-3008 Directive to Physicians (Uniform Rights of Terminally Ill Act)
L-3009 Transfer on Death Deed and Other Nonprobate Transfer Techniques
L-3010 Fees of Corporate Trustees
L-3011 Tort and Contract Liability of Personal Representative
L-3012 Uniform Management of Institutional Funds Act
L-3013 Uniform Statutory Rule Against Perpetuities
L-3013.01 Perpetuities and Honorary Trusts
L-3014 Uniform Custodial Trust Act
L-3015 Distribution of Estate: Contingent and Disputed Claims
L-3016 Effect of Homicide
L-3016.01 Standing To Sue for Wrongful Death
L-3017 Removal of Trustees
L-3018 Litigation Involving Decedent
L-3019 Uniform Statutory Form Power of Attorney Act
L-3020 Right of Surviving Spouse to Dispose of Community and Quasi-community Property
L-3021 Delivery of Decedent's Personal Property
L-3022 Access to Safe Deposit Box
L-3023 Uniform TOD Security Registration Act
L-3024 Springing Powers of Attorney
L-3025 Motor Vehicle TOD
L-3026 Affidavit Procedure for Substitution of Parties
L-3027 Execution or Modification of Lease Without Court Authorization
L-3028 Limitation Period for Action Against Surety in Guardianship or Conservatorship Proceeding
L-3029 Court-Authorized Medical Treatment [see also 4001]
L-3030 Custodianship under Uniform Transfers to Minors Act
L-3031 Acceptance by Agent of Responsibilities under Power of Attorney
L-3032 Beneficiary Deeds
L-3032.1 Beneficiary Deeds: Follow-Up Study
L-3032.5 Stock Cooperatives and Uniform TOD Security Registration Act
L-3033 Notice at County Seat (Probate Code § 1215)
L-3034 Gifts in View of Death
L-3035 Information for Fiduciaries Concerning Duties
L-3036 Videotaping of Wills
L-3037 Effect of Death of Joint Tenant on Liens
L-3038 Seven-Year Limit on Power of Attorney for Health Care
L-3039 Revocable Trust as Lottery Beneficiary
L-3040 Community Property Presumption for Joint Tenancy upon Death [see L-521.1]
L-3041 Procedure for Creditor To Reach Nonprobate Assets
L-3042 General Standard of Duty of Attorney in Fact
L-3043 Forms for Multiple-Party Accounts Law
L-3044 New Power of Attorney Statute
L-3044.01 New Power of Attorney Statute Followup Legislation
L-3045 Severance of Joint Tenancy in Securities
L-3046 Recognition of Agent's Authority Under Statutory Form Power of Attorney
L-3047 1990 UPC Revision
L-3048 Nonprobate Transfers of Community Property
L-3048.1 MacDonald Aftermath
L-3049 California Statutory Will
L-3050 Donative Transfers of Community Property (Kasner Study)
L-3050.1 Problems with Nonprobate Transfer Legislation
L-3051 Pour-Over Will for Conservatee
L-3052 Nonprobate Transfer to Trustee Named in Will
L-3053 Trusts for Incapacitated Persons [see also 708]
L-3054 Account of Guardian or Conservator
L-3055 Compensation in Guardianship and Conservatorship Proceedings
L-3056 Miscellaneous Probate Issues
L-3057 Statute of Limitations in Trust Matters
L-3058 Procedure under Probate Code § 3100 et seq.
L-3059 Revocable Trust Accounting
L-3060 Rights and Duties Under Revocable Trust
L-3605 Rules of Construction for Trusts and Other Instruments
L-3645 Trust Litigation
L-4000 Heath Care Decisions
L-4001 Court-Authorized Health Care Decisions
L-4002 Surrogate Committee in Health Care Decisionmaking
L-4003 Family Consent in Health Care Decisionmaking
L-4004 Health Care Decisions Law: Miscellaneous Revisions
L-4005 Health Care Decisions by Conservator
L-4100 Nonprobate Transfers: Creditor Claims and Family Protections
L-4130 Disposition of Estate Without Administration
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M -- Criminal Law

M-100 Statutes of Limitation on Felonies
M-100.01 Statute of Limitations for Embezzlement
M-200 Criminal Sentencing
M-300 Deadly Weapons
M-301 Deadly Weapons: Minor Clean-Up Issues
M-1305 TCU: Penal Code Cleanup [see J-1305]
M-1306 TCU: Right to Court Reporter in Criminal Case [see J-1306]
M-1330 TCU: Review of Criminal Procedures [see J-1330]
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N -- Administrative Law

N-10 Administrative Law Generally
N-100 Administrative Adjudication Generally
N-101 Structural Issues in Administrative Adjudication
N-102 Coverage of Administrative Procedure Act
N-103 ALJ Central Panel
N-103.01 Voluntary Temporary Appointments
N-104 Control of ALJ Career Path
N-105 Effect of ALJ Decision
N-106 Administrative Adjudication: Bias, Ex Parte Contacts, Separation of Functions
N-107 Process of Administrative Adjudication
N-110 Administrative Adjudication: Follow-up Issues
N-111 Administrative Adjudication: Code of Ethics
N-112 Quasi-Public Entity Hearings
N-113 Local Agency Hearing Procedures
N-114 Scientific Evidence in Administrative Proceedings
N-115 Authority of ALJ to Solemnize Marriage
N-116 Administrative Adjudication: Telephone Hearings
N-117 Separation of Functions in DMV Hearings
N-200 Judicial Review of Agency Action: Generally
N-201 Judicial Review of Agency Action: Standing and Timing
N-202 Judicial Review of Agency Action: Scope of Review
N-203 Judicial Review of Agency Action: Review Procedure
N-300 Administrative Rulemaking: Generally
N-301 Administrative Rulemaking: Advisory Interpretations
N-302 Administrative Rulemaking: Consent Regulations
N-303 Administrative Rulemaking: OAL Review
N-304 Administrative Rulemaking: Exemptions from APA
N-305 Administrative Rulemaking: Department of Finance Review
N-306 Administrative Rulemaking Cleanup
N-307 Administrative Rulemaking: Deferred Issues
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R -- Resources

R-100 Fish and Game Law
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T -- Technical and Minor Substantive Corrections

T-100 Technical and Minor Substantive Statutory Corrections
T-101 Technical and Minor Substantive Corrections: Recording Technology
T-102 Obsolete Cross-References to Former Code of Civil Procedure Section 116.780(d)
T-103 Technical and Minor Substantive Corrections: Statutory Cross-References to "Tort Claims Act"
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U -- Uniform Acts Generally

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X -- Emergency-Related Reforms

X-100 Emergency-Related Reforms
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