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California Law Revision Commission

-- Last revised 11/22/10 --

Background Studies

This file catalogs background studies prepared for the Commission. The Commission's work on a recommendation sometimes begins after a background study has been prepared -- usually by a specialist in the field, who is retained as a consultant, or by a member of the Commission's staff. Many prominent law professors and members of the Bar have served as Commission consultants over the years.

The table below lists background studies prepared for the Commission, in reverse chronological order. The "Law Review" column provides a citation if the study was printed in a law review. The "Comm'n" column provides information on how to find the study in the Commission's material, as follows:

(1) Background studies that are published in a Commission's publication have a notation indicating the volume and page number of the study. The publication number should be used for reference if you wish to order a copy of a background study. For example: A study with the notation "28:33, Pub. 197" can be found at Volume 28, page 33 of the Commission's printed reports. A copy may be obtained by ordering publication number 197.

(2) Background studies that are not published in the Commission's printed publications are typically attached to a staff memorandum. For example, a study with the notation "2002-53" can be found as an attachment to Staff Memorandum 2002-53.

Author Title Date Law Review Comm'n
Nathaniel SterlingLiability of Nonprobate Transfer for Creditor Claims and Family ProtectionsJune 2010 2010-27
Prof. Miguel A. MéndezCalifornia Evidence Code - Federal Rules of Evidence, IX. General Provisions 44 U.S.F. L. Rev. 891 (2010) 
Prof. Miguel A. MéndezCalifornia Evidence Code - Federal Rules of Evidence, VIII. Judicial Notice 44 U.S.F. L. Rev. 14 (2009) 
Prof. Miguel A. MéndezCalifornia Evidence Code - Federal Rules of Evidence, VII. Relevance: Definition and Limitations 42 U.S.F. L. Rev. 329 (2007) 
Prof. Miguel A. MéndezCalifornia Evidence Code - Federal Rules of Evidence, VI. Authentication and the Best and Secondary Evidence Rules 41 U.S.F. L. Rev. 1 (2006) 
Prof. Roger AlfordReport to Law Revision Commission Regarding Recommendations for Changes to California Arbitration Law Nov. 20044 Pepperdine Disp.Resol. L.J. 1 (2004) 
Prof. Miguel A. MéndezCalifornia Evidence Code - Federal Rules of Evidence, V. Witnesses: Conforming the California Evidence Code to the Federal Rules of Evidence 39 U.S.F. L. Rev. 455 (2005) 
Prof. Miguel A. MéndezComparison of Evidence Code with Federal Rules: Part I. Hearsay and Its Exceptions (corrected Oct. 2003) Oct. 200337 U.S.F. L. Rev. 351 (2003) 
Prof. Miguel A. MéndezCalifornia Evidence Code -- IV. Presumptions and the Burden of Proof: Conforming the Evidence Code to the Federal Rules 38 U.S.F. L. Rev. 139 (2003) 
Prof. Miguel A. MéndezCalifornia Evidence Code -- III. The Role of Judge and Jury: Conforming the Evidence Code to the Federal Rules 37 U.S.F. L. Rev. 1003 (2003)2004-19
Weller, et al.Report on the California Three Track Civil Litigation StudyJuly 2002 2002-53
Prof. Miguel A. MéndezComparison of Evidence Code with Federal Rules: Part II. Expert Testimony and the Opinion Rule May 200237 U.S.F. L. Rev. 411 (2003)2002-41
Prof. Gerald F. UelmenCalifornia Criminal Procedure and Trial Court UnificationMarch 2002 2002-30
Prof. Gregory S. WeberPotential Innovations in Civil Discovery: Lessons for California from the State and Federal CourtsJuly 200132 McGeorge L. Rev. 1051 (2001)2002-21
Prof. Susan F. FrenchScope of Study of Laws Affecting Common Interest DevelopmentsNovember 2000 2001-19
Judge Joseph Harvey (ret.)The Need for Evidence Code Revisions To Accommodate Electronic Communication and StorageJune 2000 2000-53
Prof. Frederick TungCalifornia Municipal Bankruptcy LegislationMarch 200053 Hastings L.J. 885 (2002)2000-38
Prof. William McGovernRules of Construction: Probate Code Sections 21101-21140March 2000 2000-50, 2000-75
Gordon HuntReport to Law Revision Commission Regarding Recommendations for Changes to the Mechanic's Lien Law [Part 1]November 1999 1999-85
Gordon HuntReport to Law Revision Commission Regarding Recommendations for Changes to the Mechanic's Lien Law [Part 2]November 1999 2000-9
Prof. Robert C. FellmethCalifornia's Unfair Competition Act: Conundrums and Confusions (January 1995) (Study)January 1996 26:227, Pub. 191
Prof. Melvin A. EisenbergRequirement of Making a Demand on the Board Before Bringing a Derivative Action, and the Standard of Review of a Board or Committee Determination That a Derivative Action Is Not in the Corporation's Best InterestsOctober 1995 1995-72
Prof. Melvin EisenbergWhether the Business Judgment Rule Should Be Codified (May 1995) (Study)May 1995 28:33, Pub. 197
Prof. Michael AsimowThe Scope of Judicial Review of Decisions of California Administrative Agencies [6]January 199342 UCLA L. Rev. 1157 (1995)27:309, Pub. 194
Prof. Michael AsimowA Modern Judicial Review Statute to Replace Administrative Mandamus [7]January 1993 27:403, Pub. 194
Prof. Michael AsimowJudicial Review: Standing and Timing [5]September 1992 27:229, Pub. 194
Prof. Michael AsimowToward a New California Administrative Procedure Act: Adjudication Fundamentals [revised version of 1-3]January 199239 UCLA L. Rev. 1067 (1992)25:321, Pub. 186
Prof. Jerry KasnerCommunity Property in Joint Tenancy Form: Since We Have It, Let's Recognize ItDecember 1991 1992-17
Prof. Michael AsimowAdjudication Process [4]October 1991 25:447, Pub. 186
Prof. Jerry KasnerDonative and Interspousal Transfers of Community Property in California: Where We Are (or Should Be) After MacdonaldMarch 1991 1991-19
Prof. Michael AsimowImpartial Adjudicators: Bias, Ex Parte Contacts and Separation of Functions [3]January 1991 1991-6
Prof. Michael AsimowAppeals Within the Agency: The Relationship Between Agency Heads and ALJs [2]August 1990 1990-112
Prof. Michael AsimowAdministrative Adjudication: Structural Issues [1]October 1989 1990-6
Prof. Michael AsimowPossible Scope of California Law Revision Commission Study of Administrative LawAugust 1988 1988-73
Prof. William G. CoskranRestrictions on Lease Transfers: Validity and Related Remedies Issues (Must Consenting Adults be Reasonable?)February 1988 1988-14
Prof. William A. Reppy, Jr.Retroactive Application to Pre-Enactment Acquisitions of Statutes Providing for Division at Divorce of Items of Separate Property: Avoiding Buol and FabianJuly 1986 1986-74
Prof. Susan F. FrenchAntilapse Statutes Have a Fundamental Flaw: A Proposal for ReformJanuary 1985 1988-16
Prof. Susan F. FrenchImposing a General Survival Requirement on Beneficiaries of Future Interests: Solving the Problems Caused by Death of a Beneficiary Before the Time for DistributionJanuary 1985 1988-16
Prof. Gail Boreman BirdTrust Termination: Unborn, Living and Dead Hands - Too Many Fingers in the Trust PieSeptember 1984  
Prof. Gerald F. UelmenMaking Sense of California's Criminal Statute of LimitationsMarch 1983 1983-29
Nathaniel SterlingJoint Tenancy and Community Property in CaliforniaMarch 198214 Pacific L.J. 927 (1983)1982-32
Prof. Carol S. BruchThe Definition and Division of Marital Property in California: Toward Parity and SimplicityJuly 1981  
Prof. Carol S. BruchManagement Powers and Duties Under California's Community Property LawsSeptember 1980 1980-90
Prof. William A. Reppy, Jr.Debt Collection from Married Persons in CaliforniaJanuary 1980 1980-19
Prof. William A. Reppy, Jr.Considerations Respecting Repeal of the "Sole Trader Act" -- Code of Civil Procedure SectionsDecember 1979 1980-8
Prof. James L. BlawieA Study of the Present Law of Property and Conveyancing in California with Critical Analysis and Suggestions for ChangeNovember 1979 1980-92
Prof. Jack FriedenthalAnalysis of Differences Between the Federal Rules of Evidence and the California Evidence CodeJanuary 1976  
Richard TimbieModification of Written Contracts in California January 197523 Hastings L.J. 1549 (1972)13:315, Pub. 113
Prof. Justin SweetLiquidated Damages in California December 197360 Cal. L. Rev. 84 (1972)11:1229, Pub. 104
Richard H. WillInheritance Rights of Nonresident Aliens: A Look at California's Reciprocity Statute September 19733 Pacific L.J. 551 (1972)11:429, Pub. 97
Nathaniel SterlingCivil Arrest in CaliforniaJuly 1972 11:25, Pub. 93
Prof. Arvo Van AlstyneCalifornia Inverse Condemnation Law : Scope of Legislative Power June 197129 Stan. L. Rev. 727 (1967)10:15, Pub. 88
Prof. Arvo Van AlstyneCalifornia Inverse Condemnation Law : Inverse Condemnation Goals and Policy Criteria June 19718 Santa Clara Law. 1 (1967)10:75, Pub. 88
Prof. Arvo Van AlstyneCalifornia Inverse Condemnation Law : Deliberately Inflicted Injury or Destruction June 197120 Stan. L. Rev. 617 (1968)10:111, Pub. 88
Prof. Arvo Van AlstyneCalifornia Inverse Condemnation Law : Unintended Physical Damage June 197120 Hastings L.J. 421 (1969)10:163, Pub. 88
Prof. Arvo Van AlstyneCalifornia Inverse Condemnation Law : Intangible Detriment June 197116 UCLA L. Rev. 491 (1969)10:249, Pub. 88
Prof. Arvo Van AlstyneCalifornia Inverse Condemnation Law : Taking or Damaging by Police Power June 197144 S. Cal. L. Rev. 1 (1970)10:303, Pub. 88
Nathaniel SterlingCalifornia Inverse Condemnation Law : Recent Developments in California Inverse Condemnation LawJune 1971 10:377, Pub. 88
Prof. Jack H. FriedenthalJoinder of Claims, Counterclaims, and Cross-Complaints: Suggested Revision of the California Provisions October 197023 Stan. L. Rev. 1 (1970)10:579, Pub. 89
Gordon E. McClintockFictitious Business Names Legislation -- Modernizing California's Pioneer Statute October 196919 Hastings L.J. 1349 (1968)9:633, Pub. 84
Clarence B. TaylorStatute of Frauds and Misrepresentations as to the Credit of Third Persons: Should California Repeal Its Lord Tenterden's Act?October 196916 UCLA L. Rev 603 (1969)9:711, Pub. 85
Clarence B. Taylor"Vesting" of Interests Under the Rule Against PerpetuitiesOctober 1969 9:909, Pub. 87
Prof. Richard R.B. PowellPowers of Appointment in California October 196819 Hastings L.J. 1281 (1968)9:335, Pub. 81
James D. CoxMutuality of Remedies in California Under Civil Code Section 3386 September 196819 Hastings L.J. 1430 (1968)9:213, Pub. 80
Clarence B. TaylorPossession Prior To Final Judgment in California Condemnation Procedure December 19677 S.C. Lawyer 1 (1966)8:1171, Pub. 76
Judge George BrunnCalifornia Personal Injury Damage Awards to Married Persons October 196613 UCLA L. Rev. 587 (1966)8:421, Pub. 69
Prof. Jack H. FriedenthalImputed Contributory Negligence: The Anomaly in California Vehicle Code Section 17150October 1966 17 Stan. L. Rev. 55 (1964)8:525, Pub. 70
Albert C. BenderPower of the Trial Court To Deny a New Trial on the Condition that Damages Be Increased October 19663 Cal. W.L. Rev. 1 (1966)8:615, Pub. 71
Joseph B. HarveyWhether the Rights and Duties Attendant upon the Termination of a Lease Should Be Revised October 196654 Cal. L. Rev. 1141 (1966)8:731, Pub. 72
John Henry MerrymanImproving the Lot of the Trespassing Improver October 196611 Stan. L. Rev. 456 (1959)8:819, Pub. 73
 Suit By or Against an Unincorporated AssociationOctober 1966 8:921, Pub. 74
Profs. James H. Chadbourn & Ronan E. DegnanUniform Rules of Evidence -- Burden of Producing Evidence, Burden of Proof, and PresumptionsJune 1964 6:1047, Pub. 58
Prof. James H. ChadbournGeneral Provisions Article of the Uniform Rules of EvidenceApril 1964 6:37, Pub. 51
Prof. James H. ChadbournJudicial Notice Article of the Uniform Rules of EvidenceApril 1964 6:829, Pub. 56
Prof. James H. ChadbournUniform Rules of Evidence -- Extrinsic Policies Affecting AdmissibilityMarch 1964 6:625, Pub. 54
Prof. James H. ChadbournWitnesses Article of the Uniform Rules of EvidenceMarch 1964 6:725, Pub. 55
Prof. James H. ChadbournUniform Rules of Evidence -- Expert and Other Opinion TestimonyMarch 1964 6:923, Pub. 57
Prof. James H. ChadbournPrivileges Article of the Uniform Rules of EvidenceFebruary 1964 6:301, Pub. 53
Prof. James H. ChadbournAuthentication Article of the Uniform Rules of EvidenceJanuary 1964 6:131, Pub. 52
Prof. Arvo Van AlstyneStudy Relating to Sovereign Immunity January 1963 5:1, Pub. 50
 Pretrial Conferences and Discovery in Eminent Domain ProceedingsJanuary 1963 4:715, Pub. 42
Prof. James H. ChadbournHearsay Evidence Article of the Uniform Rules of Evidence [same as 4:401]August 1962 6:ff-1150, Pub. 59
Prof. James H. ChadbournHearsay Evidence Article of the Uniform Rules of EvidenceAugust 1962 4:401, Pub. 41
Hill, Farrer & Burrill firmEvidence in Eminent Domain ProceedingsOctober 1960 3:A-11, Pub. 28
Hill, Farrer & Burrill firmTaking Possession and Passage of Title in Eminent Domain ProceedingsOctober 1960 3:B-27, Pub. 29
Hill, Farrer & Burrill firmReimbursement for Moving Expenses when Property Is Acquired for Public UseOctober 1960 3:C-11, Pub. 30
Prof. Lawrence A. SullivanRescission of ContractsOctober 1960 3:D-15, Pub. 31
Prof. Arthur H. SherryJuvenile's Right to Counsel and the Designation of Nondelinquent Minor as "Ward of the Juvenile Court"October 1960 3:E-23, Pub. 32
Leo V. KillionSurvival of Tort ActionsOctober 1960 3:F-15, Pub. 33
Prof. Sam KagelArbitrationOctober 1960 3:G-25, Pub. 34
Prof. Arvo Van AlstynePresentation of Claims Against Public Officers and EmployeesOctober 1960 3:H-9, Pub. 35
Prof. Harold Marsh, Jr.Inter Vivos Marital Property Rights in Property Acquired While Domiciled ElsewhereOctober 1960 3:I-21, Pub. 36
John J. WilsonNotice of Alibi in Criminal ActionsOctober 1960 3:J-9, Pub. 37
Prof. Arvo Van AlstynePresentation of Claims Against Public EntitiesJanuary 1959 2:A-17, Pub. 19
Prof. Harold W. HorowitzRight of Nonresident Aliens To InheritJanuary 1959 2:B-13, Pub. 20
CLRC StaffNotice to Shareholders of a Sale of All or Substantially All of the Assets of a CorporationJanuary 1959 2:G-9, Pub. 25
Prof. John Henry MerrymanMortgages To Secure Future AdvancesNovember 1958 2:C-9, Pub. 21
Prof. Harold E. VerrallWhether the Doctrine of Worthier Title Should Be Abolished in CaliforniaNovember 1958 2:D-9, Pub. 22
I. Robert HarrisOverlapping Provisions of Penal and Vehicle Codes Relating to Taking of Vehicles and Driving While IntoxicatedNovember 1958 2:E-8, Pub. 23
Prof. Harold G. PickeringTime Within Which a Motion for a New Trial May Be Made When Notice of Entry of Judgment Has Not Been GivenNovember 1958 2:F-8, Pub. 24
Prof. Stanley HowellCalifornia Law Relating to Bringing in New Parties in Civil ActionsFebruary 1957 1:M-9, Pub. 16
Prof. James H. ChadbournWhether the Dead Man Statute Should Be Modified or RepealedFebruary 1957 1:D-9, Pub. 7
Prof. Edward A. Hogan, Jr.Whether California Courts Should Take Judicial Notice of the Law of Foreign CountriesFebruary 1957 1:I-9, Pub. 12
Prof. James D. Sumner, Jr.Law Which Should Govern Survival of Actions Arising in Another State When Suit Is Brought in CaliforniaFebruary 1957 1:J-7, Pub. 13
Prof. Edward L. Barrett, Jr.Effective Date of New Trial Orders in Relation to Section 660 of the Code of Civil ProcedureFebruary 1957 1:K-9, Pub. 14
CLRC StaffCalifornia Law Relating to Retention of Venue for Convenience of WitnessesFebruary 1957 1:L-7, Pub. 15
Harold Marsh, Jr.Whether Section 201.5 of the Probate Code Should Be RevisedDecember 1956 1:E-15, Pub. 8
Prof. Lowell TurrentineWhether the Sections of the Civil Code Prohibiting Suspension of the Absolute Power of Alienation Should Be RepealedNovember 1956 1:G-11, Pub. 10
Selim S. Franklin & CLRC StaffUse of Motions and Orders To Show Cause in Connection with Awards of Attorney's Fees and Costs Pursuant to Civil Code Section 137.3November 1956 1:B-9, Pub. 5
William H. Allen & CLRC StaffWhether the Jury Should Be Given a Copy of the Court's Instructions To Take into the Jury RoomNovember 1956 1:C-9, Pub. 6
C Hugh Friedman & CLRC StaffWhether the "For and Against" Testimonial Privilege of Married Persons Should Be RevisedNovember 1956 1:F-9, Pub. 9
Thomas W. CochranPenal Code Section 19a and Related Code SectionsOctober 1956 1:A-23, Pub. 4
 Homestead Law and Probate Code Sections 640 to 646January 1955 1:1-41, Pub. 1